2.5% Referral Fee. We do the work. YOU get paid!

Every home is different depending on the neighborhood and the desired rental range. Our licensed and insured contractors that work exclusively for Prime Properties Renovation understand what will bring the most rental income for the lowest repair price. We will stand behind all of our work with a warranty.

Now you can turn those challenges into opportunities by leading your investor clients to Prime Property Realty’s wealth-building, real estate investment system and benefit from our generous referral program! By referring your investor client to our system, you will be able to leverage our knowledge and expertise while maintaining and strengthening your relationship with your client! It’s a win-win!

There are many steps for a real estate investor on the path to profits. Because we handle all of them, we make that journey short and simple. This benefits your investor clients. It allows their profits to be gained quicker, remain longer, and demand less work and time from them. Click here to learn more about our PROVEN process.

Here are a few BENEFITS that YOU WILL GAIN when you
partner with Prime Properties Realty:

Earn 2.5% commission of the sales price upon closing.

Commission is paid on ALL future closings by the same investor client.

(1 property or 100, you get paid for each closing.)

Your investor client STAYS your client.

You don’t have to schedule appointments, show properties, write offers, and deal with lenders or inspectors.

WE do the work. YOU get paid!

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You will be wondering why you didn’t know about this program sooner!

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